Google PR Update October 2007


Well it it's that time of year again when Google sprinkle some green dust on their little toolbar. While waiting in anticipation, it looks like foul wind blew and picked up the Google dust before it could settle. Not only did the payload not get delivered, but it seems that a lot of the existing green dust got blown away in the storm.

The worst affected areas seem to be those who haves competed with Google by monetising their sites with paid text links from other sources.

Well, not to worry! Anyone who has been at it for more than 5 minutes will realise that The Google PR doesn't mean a whole lot anyway. That is of course unless, you are selling text links on your sites.

A lot of uneducated webmasters who purchase text links are buying links based on the PR of the site. They however are not entirely to blame. Some text link ads providers place a lot of emphasis when setting the pricing on the Google PR.

The most important aspects to building a good sustainable, profitable websites are good quality, regular content and relevant back-links. Ultimately, both these factors will result in a sustained increase in traffic and better SERP results.

To give you an example of the relevance of Page Rank. I have a sites which gets less than 1000 unique visitors a month, it currently has a Page Rank of 6 which it has had for around a year and a half.

On the other hand one of my best performing sites (with substantially more traffic) was penalised down from a PR 7 to a 6 earlier this month. In the past week it has now dropped further down to a PR 4. But guess what? The traffic continues to increase, it still ranks extremely well in the Search Engine Results Pages and the revenue generated has not yet declined. Though I do expect a short term drop off in the text link ad sales.

Whether a Publisher or advertiser don't get caught up too much in the hype that it Google PR, it it no longer a relevant measurement of anything!