Stopping Website SPAM


Around 95% of all comments are SPAM!

Anyone who runs a community website or blog that allows users to post comments, forum topics or other content will confirm that the problem of SPAM is huge. So, what can you do apart from stopping users from posting any content at all?

After investigating a number of different options the best approach by far has proved to be a combination of CAPTCHA and Akismet. Akismet is a plugin module that allows you to get back to blogging without spending all your time moderating content.

There will of course still be some moderation just to make sure that Akismet has got it right (it doesn't seem to make too many mistakes). CAPTCHA helps to ensure that a lot of the automated comments don't make it into your blog to start with.

Content that is identified as being SPAM is put into a moderation queue where it can be dealt with accordingly. It is normally deleted automatically after a pre-defined period of time. If the content is not SPAM (false positive) don't forget to submit as HAM (not SPAM) so that Akismet can learm from its mistakes.

Originally developed for Wordpress there are modules available for many other applications, including the popular CMS Drupal. For a full list of integrations take a look here.

Akismet is free for personal use, or if you are making more than $500 per month you will need to purchase a commercial or enterprise licence!