Web Developers Toolbox


Whether you've just started out with website development or have been at it for a while something that you will need to learn is that the most essential tool for any website developer is a good text editor.

Don't make the mistake of using Microsoft word, as this will will break your web pages!

There are many different FREE text editors available. Here are a few different for you to try.

Web Browsers

Not all web browsers are created equal!

When developing websites you need to ensure that it renders as intended in a variety of different web browsers. You can easily install and test on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape on the same system.

It is certainly worth testing on IE6 and IE7, however you can't have both installed on the same operating system. A way around this is to install Microsoft Virtual PC and have one of them installed on this for testing purposes.

Firefox - is probably going to be your most useful tool of all. With its Extensions system there are some essential tools that will help to save you a great deal of time.

Some of the best Extensions that I use include:

  • HTML Validator - Used to validate your code against HTML Tidy. Once you have your site complete you should validate both your HTML and CSS.
  • Web Developer Extension - Is a great collection of website development tools.
  • ColorZilla - One of my most used extensions. Using the Eyedropper tool you can easily pick a color from any webpage without viewing the page source and CSS files. You can also view important information about page elements.