Comments Speech Box


Extending on our previous example of styling a box with round corners by adding one additional small image and positioning with css our box is now a speech bubble with round corners.

We have provided all the CSS, HTML and Images to allow for easy duplication of this method.

As an added bonus for Drupal users we have also added a simple comments.tpl.php file to allow you to easily replace your current comments styling. Just add the CSS to your existing theme's style.css and create a new file called comments.tpl.php in your themes directory and paste the contents from our example.

Adding Extra Style Sheets in Drupal


During the course of the development of this website I realized that I had a requirement to apply specific styling to individual articles for the purpose of demonstrating CSS examples.

I didn't really want to have to create static html pages for this as it defeats the purpose of using a CMS. Using the existing style sheet of my theme wasn't an option either, apart from bloating this file it wouldn't work very well if I decided to change themes in the future. Nor did I want to simply add an additional style sheet and call it from my page.tpl.php file, as this file could become very large over time. Inline style were not really an option either as this would make it more difficult for people to follow example and make it harder for me to re-use css classes.

How to Fix a Broken Drupal Forum


If you posting to your existing drupal forum or you are trying to set up a new one but the forum categories don't show up and consequently the posts don't appear in your forums then chances are that the system generated "Forums" vocabulary is missing.

If you have ever had the misfortune to either accidentally or on purpose delete the taxonomy category for your Drupal Forum module you are sure to have had some difficulties in getting it working again.

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