Terms Of Service

Last updated - 3rd July 2008

These are the terms and conditions relating to the usage of the NZ Web Hosting Limited website and any services that we may provide. By using our site you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions.

We may revise the terms and conditions of usage from time to time. It is up to the user to ensure that they understand what the current terms and conditions are!

  1. All content, including images on this site remain copyrighted to NZ Web Hosting Limited and may not be reproduced in any form without prior written approval.
  2. The service provided by NZ Web Hosting Limited is for lawfull purposes only. Any breach of United States Federal, State, or City Law, or Any New Zealand Laws will result in the permanent suspension of the offending account without refund or notice.
  3. Hosted Sites found to be serving pornographic or other material deemed to be offensive, unsolicited email (spam) or illegal software will be terminated without refund or notice.
  4. We DO NOT allow IRC, IRC bouncers, IRC bots, or similar software to be installed or operated on our servers. This will result in account termination without refund or notice.
  5. Customers are responsible for backing up their data, which should be done on a regular basis.
  6. Full refunds are available for Hosting Plans within 7 days of hosting account activation - without question. After 7 days refunds will be at the sole discretion of NZ Web Hosting Limited. Any refund may take up to 30 days to be processed.
  7. If you make a mistake when registering .nz domains you must notify us within 3 days for a refund. If you notify us after this we may not be able to procure a refund for you. No refunds will be available on other domain name extensions - including, but not limited to .com and .net domain name extensions.
  8. Full payment is required before activation of any account.
  9. Customers will be notified at least 14 days prior to account expiry. Any overdue accounts may be suspended until payment recieved.
  10. Any financial claims against NZ Web Hosting Limited will be limited to the pro-rata balance calculated on a monthly basis. For the purpose of this clause, part of a month is considered to be a full month.
  11. Customer support is provided to all customers via our contact page. We do not adverstise our email address on the site due to potential spam issues.
  12. Reselling of add-on domains or subdomains is prohibited and will result in permanent suspension of the offending account without refund or notice.
  13. Customer support is limited to the tools and services that we offer. We don't provide support for web site creation, script configuration or integration. We may, at a mutually agreed rate provide such a service.
  14. Any external links to other sites are not the resposibility of NZ Web Hosting Limited. If any links don't work, or display a site with inappropriate materials let us know so that we can address the problem.
  15. You use this site at your own risk.
  16. Any disputes regarding the content or products offered on this site come under the jurisdiction of New Zealand law.